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While we are waiting for this site to be designed, please take a look at my other websites in the Leftonred Atanycorner Universe.

Here are all my other websites. They are all hosted on the above web host. I pay for the hosting of one domain and can add as many domains and email addresses as I want for free. If you purchase hosting using the link above, I will help you set it up for free and give you a discount on web design. I have been using them without problems for over 15 years. They are great...And I'm a really picky IT consultant :)


Leftonred ‘Lefty’ Atanycorner -
Leftonred ‘Lefty’ Atanycorner -
Leftonred ‘Lefty’ Atanycorner -
Leftonred ‘Lefty’ Atanycorner -
Fuck Lefty -
That’s A Tat -
Fuckin Fat Ass -
Fucking Fat Ass -
Two Seater -
Two Seat Minimum -
Ray Deter Memorial Cap A Head Project -
DJ Who?! -
DJ Who?! -


Middle Earth Media -
Life Before Twitter -
Computers For NYC Seniors -
Computers For NYC Seniors -
Nice Logo Me -
Fix My Computer In New York City -
Slow Me Down Now -
State Of Panic -



Craft Beer Network -
NYC Beer Network –
NYC Beer Info –
NYC Beer Growlers Information -
NYC Beer Growlers -
Long Island Beer Growlers Info -
Long Island Beer Growlers -
New Jersey Beer Growlers Info -
Connecticut Beer Growlers Info -
World Wide Beer Growlers Info -
Beer Event Photography -
Beer Event Photos -
Beer Event Promotion –
Beer Event Promotions
Beer Flight Tree –
Beer Group Information –
Beer Group Network –
Tap Beer Information -
Beer Taps Information –
US Beer Taps –
Bottled Beer Information -
Bottled Beer Network -
Fax Me A Beer -
Fouler Growler -
How Bitter Is It? -
New York Craft Beer Association -
Ray Deter Tribute Site -
Where’s The Beer? -


Other Alcohols

Imbibers Information -
Imbibers Network -
NYC Imbibers -
NYC Imbibers Network -
The Liquid Mafia -
Sake Collective -
NYC Whiskey Network -
NYC Whiskey Enthusiasts -
Wonderful Winos -


Tea & Coffee

NYC Tea Tour -
NYC Coffee Lovers -


Table Tennis or Ping Pong

NYC Ping Pong Network -
NYC Ping Pong -
Print Your Balls -
Paint Your Balls -
Aerobic Table Tennis Network -
Aerobic Table Tennis In The US -
NYC Aerobic Table Tennis -
NYC Aerobic Table Tennis Network -


Meetups & Partners

NYC Beer Sake Whiskey Wine & Spirits Drinkers Meetup -
NYC Ping Pong Meetup-
NYC Coffee & Tea Lovers Meetup -
Leftonred and Greene Meetup -

Growler Collar -
New York International Beer Competition -